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Madison Writers Resist

On Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, the Madison, WI community comes together with writers across the country for #WritersResist, a “re-inauguration” of our shared commitment to the spirit of compassion, equality, free speech, and the fundamental ideals of democracy. Join us for readings by a dynamic lineup of area writers and an open mic.

Our featured readers:

Masood Akhtar is an Indian-born proud American Muslim entrepreneur and Advisor to the Madison Muslims Community. He has been living in Madison for over 30 years and actively involved with numerous community projects. To address the environment of Islamophobia and fear during Presidential campaign, he has proposed to create an Anti-Hate Registry, a platform where people of different faiths, no faith, Latinos, African American, LGBT, Native Americans, and others can unite together against hate and build an inclusive community. 

Marilyn Annucci believes in the border between hope and despair, the invisible wall that is never not easy to climb, the necessary border crossings. She is grateful for Writers Resist because resistance is always on the side of hope. 

Derrick Austin
Moisés Villavicencio Barras
Jamel Brinkley
Natalie Dawn Eilbert
Araceli Esparza
Sarah Fuchs

Marcela Fuentes is the James C. McCreight Fellow in Fiction at UW's Institute for Creative Writing. She is a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop. She lives in Madison with her family.

Lissa McClaughlin
Rubén Medina

Oscar Mireles is the Editor of three anthologies titled "I Didn't Know There Were Latinos in Wisconsin. He has been the Director of Omega School and has helped over 3,000 young adults earn a GED Diploma over the past 22 years. He is currently the City of Madison Poet Laureate. 

Judith Claire Mitchell

SP Mulroy is an MFA candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for Poetry. He can be reached via his website,, or via social media, where he still won’t shut the hell up.

Barrett Swanson

Timothy Yu is the author of 100 Chinese Silences and Race and the Avant-Garde: Experimental and Asian American Poetry since 1965. He is professor of English and Asian American studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

#WritersResist events are planned in Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, Boston, San Francisco, Portland (OR & ME), Seattle, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Omaha, Salt Lake City, Bloomington, Toledo, and many other cities and towns across the country.

Donations to benefit the ACLU of Wisconsin

Sponsored in part by Avol’s Books

Open mic will begin at 8:00 PM and slots are limited. Sign-up sheets will be available at the reading, so come early and reserve your spot!

For information, contact Kara Candito:

For more about Writers Resist, visit